Hungerford | West Berkshire Villages

Hungerford| West Berkshire Villages

| Hungerford is a small historic town an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Hungerford is a small historic town located in the midst of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and yet it is only 4 miles from the M4 and has a direct rail link to London

The town’s historic market status is retained by the significant number of small independent retail and commercial businesses providing visitors and residents alike with personal service across a wide range of products.

Hungerford is internationally famous for being a beautiful place to visit and, as it sits at the heart of the North Wessex Downs, it is in a beautiful location too.

Hungerford | West Berkshire Villagers | Amenities & Facilities

Hungerford has a Victorian Town Hall, which is very active.

Hungerford Hub is a not-for-profit community asset supported by Hungerford Town Council, Hungerford Library & Community Trust and Friends of Hungerford Library (the Hub team) in order to ensure the continued provision of a library by West Berkshire Council.The Hub is also open at other times for specific events.

Hungerford is launching an exciting project – Hungerford 2036 – to guide the way the town and its surrounding area will evolve.

Hungerford | West Berkshire Villagers | Food and Drink

There are plenty of eating places in and around Hungerford. Visit the  links.

Hungerford | West Berkshire Villagers | Sports

There is Hungerford Town Football club.

Hungerford | West Berkshire Villagers| Schools

There is a Hungerford Primary School and the John O’ Gaunt School in Hungerford 


There are many websites,  I Love Hungerford being one of them.

Hungerford | West Berkshire Villagers |  Communication

A popular Facebook page is I Love Hungerford 

Hungerford | West Berkshire Villagers |  Health

There is the Hungerford Surgery

Hungerford | West Berkshire Villagers | Church

St Lawrence’s Church in Hungerford is an integral part of the Hungerford Community. There is also a Methodist Church

Hungerford | West Berkshire Villagers |Transport

There is a train station in Hungerford with Links to London and the X22 bus which links Hungerford and Malborough

Hungerford | West Berkshire Villagers | Town Council

The Town Council is just one part of local government in Berkshire, but is the part closest to the people and represents residents at a local community level.

Hungerford | West Berkshire Villagers |Environment

There is the Hungerford Environment Action Team which is very active and an Environment and Planning Committee.

Hungerford | West Berkshire Villagers | Kennet & Avon Canal

Once a busy industrial canal wharf, Hungerford Wharf is now a picture of tranquillity. And a great place to start exploring the beautiful Kennet & Avon Canal.

Lush green water meadows, weeping willows, water voles, kingfishers, sparkling chalk streams, quirky canal bridges – it’s difficult to believe that all this lies just a short stroll along the towpath.

Hungerford | West Berkshire Villagers | History

It is so easy to feel closer to our past and our ancestors in Hungerford, a town which can trace its way back to the Stone and Bronze ages. History brings visitors from around the world to the town and for those who can’t get here there is the wonderful Hungerford Virtual Museum where the past is present and somehow still alive.

Hungerford Townsite will regularly feature news, views and stories about Hungerford’s history as well as providing information, guides, walks and photographs for the town’s visitors use and entertainment.

Much of the content in this section is reproduced by kind permission of the Hungerford Virtual Museum and Hugh Pihlens