Mio Fiore in Hungerford

Mio Fiore in Hungerford are a family run Italian restaurant offering fresh authentic dishes from all regions of Italy

The atmosphere of real Italy rules the mood at their restaurant.

Located in Market Street in Newbury and now in Hungerford High street as well.

They continue to serve homemade Italian food using quality imported products focusing both on Italian regional traditions as well as seasonal & local ingredients.

They continually strive to serve great Italian food accompanied by carefully selected Italian wines and drinks for all the family to enjoy!

Please contact the venue or organiser for bookings, cancellations or further information on 01488 6807300148

123 High Street, Hungerford, RG17 0DL

Of the many things that Italy is famous for, food has to be top of the list and with good reason.

Wood fired pizzas, plates piled with pasta, creamy gnocchi and plenty of wine to wash it down - what better way to spend an evening.

Comfortably rustic, Mio Fiore have put together a menu full of classic cuisine and family favourites, cooked fresh and ready for you to enjoy.

Mio Fiore in Hungerford has a menu and weekly specials are also available to order online for Collections 7 days a week during their normal opening hours.

That's right, if you fancy a bottle of wine, Moretti or an Italian aperitive to go with your perfectly cooked meal, they will get it ready for you along with your order.

They can always provide complementary cutlery if needed too. 10%

Discount applies to all online orders!

Sometimes it seems like every restaurant has the same 2 items on the menu, but at Mio Fiore, they have so much more.

Soft gnocchi with tangy gorgonzola to cut through the creaminess.

Fresh ravioli served in a beautiful sage butter with toasted pines nuts for a touch of texture.

And that's not to mention their traditional wood fired pizzas.

With so many other items on the menu, they can't think of a better way for you to get your five-a-day.

With the exception of our pizzas, the majority of  their dishes are gluten free and their staff are always happy to discuss any allergies or dietary requirements.

Traditional, fresh and packed full of flavour.

From pan to plate, each dish will only leave their kitchen once it's been cooked to perfection and they've got plenty of wines that pair perfectly.

If you've still got space, why not try their delicious desserts.

Gelati, panna cotta and of course their famous tiramisu.

Mio Fiore Coffee

A mix of Drago Mocambo & Brasilia beans, Mio Fiore coffee is an expression of the classic Italian espresso presenting full body, thick hazelnut coloured crema, and an irresistible bold aroma.

In the cup you should expect notes of nuts, no acidity at all, buttery texture, and dark chocolate after taste.

Available to buy at their restaurant, it costs just £5.25 for a 250mg bag.

Pick some up on your next visit.

Mio Fiore pizza

Their pizzas are 100% handmade, tasty and easily digestible thanks to a dough that is matured overnight.

Their pizzas are baked on their wood oven, creating a soft delicious light rustic crust, all made in an open pizza bar.

Try for yourself and experience a slice of Italy right here at home!

Mio Fiore in Hungerford
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