They believe that everyone should be able to eat out knowing that they are able to choose food that is right for them and is delicious and nutritious, no matter what diet they are committed to at the time.

Using only the best ingredients from local sources wherever possible, Eliane creates delicious and nutritious dishes and drinks in a relaxed and welcoming setting.

In short, Eliane is a place everyone has the choice to eat nutritious yet truly delicious food in a happy, friendly space.

After the shock news of Rafia’s husband, John, being diagnosed with a very serious health condition in 2010, Rafia set about to understand and change the diet of her entire family.

She sought to find a solution to her husband’s illness without having to watch him undertake debilitating and and poisonous treatment, offered by some of the top specialists in the country.

Having met and consulted with various experts in alternative medicine and food science,  they radically changed the way that John ate.

Over time, and with much attention being paid to detail, John finally came through and now, thankfully has a clean bill of health once more.

Throughout John’s illness, the lifestyle he once had of dining out regularly was thwarted, since almost all of the restaurants they would visit didn’t have appropriate food for John’s new diet, or it was prepared in a way that denatured the foods of their vital and health-giving qualities.

John and Rafia had a thought; what if there were a place where literally anyone could go to, no matter what their food preferences, dietary choices, or allergies, and still get fed beautifully and satisfyingly?

Together, their vision rapidly developed and Eliane was born!

The foods on offer provide choices of something mouth-watering for everyone, whilst at the same time not compromising on nutritional integrity.

Much research has gone into the preparation methods and all the staff have been trained and subscribe to the ethos that the restaurant holds dear.

They believe that wherever you are on the ladder of health-conscious living, there should always be the choices made available to you so you can take your pick of how to improve your diet or simply try something new and delicious.

They serve the healthiest versions of indulgent foods from cakes, bakes, and pastries that are all organic and non-GMO, right though to raw foods, juices, smoothies, nut milks.

But their speciality is by far and away their lunches, where you can tantalise your senses with all sorts of filling, wholesome and ridiculously appetising dishes.

And the best bit…you can taste them all in one sitting if you like!

They' ll fill up your plate with all the dishes you care to try.

Elianes, Hungerford


24 High Street,

The Courtyard,

Hungerford, RG17 0NF

01488 686 100

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