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Good morning all. 

I hope you are well and have enjoyed what you could of our rather mixed Summer weather! It’s been great to see a number of familiar faces this month but also a lot of news ones too – welcome!

Just a few updates for you covering some upcoming events including a mini boat trip, an article on Owls, and more about our Kingfishers!

It’s been a Hoot!

Our Owl Spotting Walks this year have been a pleasure to run, and we’ve reached the end of the season.

It’s now time for the youngsters we have been seeing and hearing to find their own homes to roost and hopefully nest in!

I have already started receiving orders for my bespoke Owl Boxes. Several of the ones installed last season has successful roosts and nests this year, others we’ll be watching intently to see if we have success this year.

Why not have a read of this recent article with The Beyonder? Owl facts a plenty, with some great imagery (even if I do say so myself)!

Kingfishers re-settle

After a couple of uncertain weeks again a short while ago, following the second predation of Kingfisher nests along the Goring river stretch, I’m delighted that the last week has been a lot more active! On yesterday’s Boat Trip we had plenty of sightings, and on several of last weeks’ walks.

So I’ll be running Kingfisher Spotting at 7am on Wednesday (weather is looking beautiful according to tye forecast) and also again on Saturday at 7am if the weather holds. Booking link below.

Have also included a link of some of the sighting site you can see a couple of images.

To book:


Wildlife on the Water taster – in association with The Swan at Streatley!

On Sunday 12th Sept we are running two shorter 1 hour boat trips with Wildlife Spotting; one at 8.45am and one at 10.15am.

The meeting point will be in The Swan gardens – feel free to pop along and say hi if you see us! We’ll have a table with plenty of leaflets, some of our binoculars (as I know some of you have borrowed them and would like to purchase), and some sweet treats too.

If you would like to join the boat trip you’ll find tickets here:

The Chilterns Walking Festival

As some of you will know, this is coming up again on 16th to 31st Oct, and is a great way to explore different areas with different guides and experiences!

Will let you know as soon as the timetable is published and I know which slots I have; but there’s some great non-wildlife based options too!

Coffee Break

In case you have a spare 5 minutes, for those who have newly become annual members, or have recently taken their first walk, here’s a little article for a bit of background:

Hope to see you soon,


Images Courtesy of Steve Gozdz
Images Courtesy of Steve Gozdz
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