Paul Presents- Hampshire & Berkshire 4 x 4 Response Team with Graham Middleton

* This is a Telephone Interview Due to the Coronavirus Restrictions*

Hampshire & Berkshire 4×4 response consists of a group of volunteers who offer their time and their 4×4 vehicles to provide assistance to the emergency services, local authorities and other volunteer organisations, primarily within the counties of Hampshire and Berkshire.
Nationwide groups have helped to:
Evacuate members of the public during floods
Transport water & food to cut off areas during floods
Assisted Ambulance crews and doctors to reach remote areas cut off by snow
Recovered stranded motorists during heavy snow fall
Transported Search and Rescue teams to remote areas
Provided support to festival organisers when the British summer doesn’t play ball.

At the moment they are assisting with the mammoth task of delivering PPE equipment to our care homes throughout the two counties, a huge logistical response.

This show was 2nd in the global news chart, 4th in the global interview chart and 31st in the global world chart.

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