Paul Presents | Hero with Dr. Gill Sinclair

The Story behind “Hero”

Life for Dr Gill Sinclair was pretty normal before the coronavirus, a love of music and singing, family life etc. 

Reports of coronavirus abroad  brought concerns and in this interview  Gill talks about her feelings over what happened next, how it has affected her and her colleagues and how she felt inspired to write a song to capture everybody’s  feelings at that time.

A haunting, beautiful melody, written and performed by  Gill  during the Covid19 pandemic 2020 and in her interview with Paul Presents, the heartfelt, open & personal experience that led her to do this.

This show was 5th in the global news chart, 17th in the global interview chart and 84th in the global world chart.

Any messages left on West Berkshire Villagers Face Book page, will be shared with Gill and her colleagues.

Both Jan & I would like to say a big Thank-you to all those working in the NHS, both at this time, for the past and for the future and in particular all of the staff at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, those we know personally and those we don’t and to all key workers everywhere.

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