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Paul Presents is local interviews, with people from the West Berkshire Community.

 Paul has been broadcasting for 40 years and despite the challenges being disabled may cause, he has continued his love of broadcasting and produces a popular weekly podcast. People from across West Berkshire have shared their memories and achievements within the West Berkshire Community- something we can all be proud of as a community together.

Paul Presents | The World of Craft with Gillian Hicks

Gillian is involved with The Newbury Crafters Network and Pandora’s Box in Thatcham. Having had a busy life as a librarian and a publican, Gillian was only really introduced to the world of craft on retirement.  Buying a narrowboat and attending workshops led to an interest in rag rugging, decoupage, jewellery and needle felting, starting pop up shops, workshops of her own and selling at local craft fairs. Her belief is that you can recycle items for crafting rather than buying craft items and has been encouraged by the increase of people becoming interested in craft throughout lockdown.

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