There are some beautiful churches in West Berkshire ….

Aldermaston Church | This historic building is a surprise for all who enter for the first time with its fine stained glass, eight bells and ornate wall paintings.

All Saints Church in Farnborough

All Saints Church in Farnborough | Situated in the highest village in Berkshire, the church has a marvellous view from the south door. Inside, see the John Piper window, a memorial to John Betjeman who once lived in The Old Rectory in Farnborough.

Churches Count on Nature

Churches Count on Nature | Churches Count on Nature 2023 is part of Love Your Burial Ground Week, focusing on the brilliant wildlife to be found in churchyards and chapel yards. It is a is a joint initiative promoted by Caring for God’s Acre, the Church of England, the Church in Wales and A Rocha UK.

Hermitage Church | A small 19th century church in Hermitage, West Berkshire. A welcoming congregation with people of all ages.

St Mary's Church Great Shefford | St Mary's Church in Great Shefford. Great Shefford Parish has three churches: the Parish church of St. Mary, the chapel of St. Stephen in Shefford Woodlands and the redundant church of St. Thomas in East Shefford

St Marys Church in Aldworth | Situated in beautiful countryside, St Mary's offers visitors a chance to see the Aldworth Giants!

St Thomas' Church in East Shefford |St Thomas’ Church, East Shefford Alabaster nobles and wall paintings in a rural idyll

St Stephen's is a grade ii listed building , situated in the small village of Shefford Woodlands.

Wilder Churches

Wilder Churches | Encouraging wildlife in your churchyard. Once you have an idea of how wildlife uses your churchyard you can start to plan how to manage and encourage it.

World War 1 St. Stephen's Church in Shefford Woodlands | Woods carvings around the church acts as a commemoration of the tragic events of the First World War and the impact on this small hamlet.

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