Paul Presents | The Lonely Lentil with Lydia Beneto -Turner

Lonely Lentil began in 2019 as a pop-up shop/food stall, selling a small selection of dry foods, herbs and spices to customers through refilling their containers. They established themselves in the local community by ‘popping up’ at market events. The local community in Newbury and Thatcham were largely very enthusiastic about the issues of climate change, the environment and reducing plastic consumption. They now offer a range of over 150 products, none of which are supplied to customers in plastic! The Covid19 crisis struck in March 2020 forcing Lonely Lentil to quickly adapt to a new way of operating. Pop-ups were no longer an option and it quickly re-invented itself as a local delivery service. Passionate about morals and ethics of the ethos of raising awareness of sustainable alternatives to plastic wrapped groceries and prioritising the quality of the produce, they would like to see the community change their habits in the way they shop and support smaller local businesses. 

This show was 3rd in the global interview chart, 3rd in the global news chart and 17th in the global world chart.

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