Mirek is a journalist with The Newbury Weekly News. 

He is also dedicated to exploring untold and underrepresented histories through written, audio, and video content.

Meet the Newbury Weekly News’ new villages correspondent, Mirek Gosney.

He grew up in Thatcham and went to Kennet School.

Mirek joined the paper a week ago as its dedicated reporter for the rural communities and villages of West Berkshire.

Mirek is employed as part of the Community News Project (CNP) involving the UK’s local media, Facebook and the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ).

The NWN uses its Facebook-funded CNP positions to report the news and champion the causes of our rural communities.

They are determined to ensure that the villages in the district have their voices heard and their news communicated to as wide an audience as possible.

So, tell Mirek about the news, events and issues in your village by calling (01635) 886639, email mirek.gosney@newburynews.co.uk or via Twitter at @mgosney_nwn

He also has a  website dedicated to exploring untold and underrepresented histories.

Too many historical events and figures are brushed under the carpet for being controversial, upsetting or uncomfortable.

In other words, topics you wouldn’t study on the National Curriculum!

Well, all history is significant and the past continues to shape the world around us today.

As the German philosopher Georg Hegel once said: ‘we learn from history, that we do not learn from history’.

Visit the website here

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