Paul Presents: The Green Machine with Simon Crisp

 Green Machine Computers, leading the way in IT Recycling

IT Recycling Experts-It Doesn’t matter If it doesn’t work!

The Green Machine’s core area of business is IT Recycling, and they are experts in the field.  They have performed IT collections for hundreds of schools, and businesses across the UK. They collect and dispose of all IT equipment in line with current legislation and the EU WEEE directive. They take your old tech and aim to put it to good use by repairing and refurbishing it. Then donating it or offer it at low cost to SME’s, charities and organisations across the UK.

If you are looking for Secure IT Disposal and Recycling, they offer an award -winning service. They reduce the carbon footprint of your company massively. All the tech they collect they aim to refurbish and reuse. They have a repair and workshop facility to be able to rebuild and reuse old tech. They are also a Registered Microsoft Refurbisher so they can install Microsoft Windows Products back on the devices they collect. With the IT equipment they collect they teach and train people how to repair and refurbish tech and offer training and qualifications via apprenticeship route for people with an interest in Computers.

mother helping her daughter with homework
The Green Machine

If you have any unwanted IT equipment (and not just laptops or tablets), you can get it to Green Machine via any of the following collection points:

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