Paul Chats to Kim Williams, the Community Events Fundraiser, about the wonderful work they do at The Berkshire MS Therapy centre

Multiple Sclerosis is a condition that causes damage to the nerve coverings in the Central Nervous System (the brain and spinal cord).

Our bodies use nerves to communicate by sending signals.

Nerves are protected by a covering called myelin. 

In MS the immune system mistakenly attacks the myelin resulting in the messages being slowed or stopped. 

How MS affects a person is determined by where the damage is.

As a result the symptoms they experience, whilst they may be similar, are not the same as someone else’s. 

Sometimes MS can be progressive, in others symptoms may come and go. 

The Berkshire MS Therapy Centre is there to make life with Multiple Sclerosis easier.

Whether it is someone who has been  newly diagnosed and reaching out for the first time or have lived with MS for a while they are there to help you with specialised treatments within an understanding, supportive community. 

They understand that Multiple Sclerosis will affect many aspects of your life.

Their treatments are designed to support  a persons health and wellbeing by helping them manage their symptoms.

They cannot cure MS but they can help a MS sufferer make the most of life.

The right support can make all the difference.

Everything they do is guided by their members. 

Everyone’s MS is different so it is important to understand you may not have the exact same reaction to therapies as others.

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