Ruth is a popular Sci Fi author from WEST BERKSHIRE. She gives talks at Sci Fi Conventions and has had six books published so far.

The New Book!

Ultimate Autograph Hunters

In their first night at the ZealCon convention, fantasy-loving autograph hunters Rosemary and Joanne are stunned when the “Temporal Perambulator” prop from the cult time travel series Sir Cuthbert’s Remarkable Adventures, materialises right in front of them, apparently piloted by two rather excitable young men who they had met earlier…

Jeremy and Alistair are convinced they met the girls on their time-travels, but have their paths really crossed in the past?

Or is it the future?

There’s an obvious way to find out.

Setting off in the “TP”, Rosemary and Joanne embark on a winding adventure through time, collecting autographs and bumping into the boys; and for one of them, life will never be the same again.

Ultimate Autograph Hunters is neither a sequel nor a prequel – it’s a “paraquel”, running alongside the events of Ruth Masters’ earlier novel, Extreme Autograph Hunters

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