So what’s the plan?

Even the most talented leaders need new perspectives……..

Do you have a robust 3-5 year strategic framework? Is your organisation as effective as it could be?

Is your leadership team firing on all cylinders?

Whether you work as part of a senior leadership team or run a major international sales account there are times when the direction of travel is far from clear.


Perspective Matters is a boutique management consultancy that specialises in providing actionable advisory for senior leaders across strategy, sales and leadership effectiveness.

There are times when it’s really worth getting a different perspective.

We listen, we ask good questions.

We tell it like it is.

Jim started Perspective Matters in 2019 after working for nearly 25 years in sales, marketing, strategy and consulting.

In that time Jim thinks he really had experienced many different facets of business.

So, he started Perspective Matters to share his experiences of success with others.

The company is made up of a tight team of associates, all of whom he has known for many years.

They are all truly talented former executives and experts in their fields.

Yet, if there is one thing he loves more than their talent, it is the values they share.

Passion, honesty, enthusiasm and realism.

We invest ourselves in their client’s futures and they love it.


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