Paul Presents Owls with Lu Barton

Paul chats with Lu about the amazing lifestyles of our Owls, with some stories that would rival the most popular soaps!

 Lu runs the British Owl Project to protect our owls.

Owls are an umbrella species and currently the work consists of building habitat highways to link up with conservation – a big emphasis being on soils. 

Lu also works with our local schools who want to do more habitat creation, with school holiday courses being planned for next year.

Since having more access to cameras and monitoring , new things are being learnt and we learn, for instance,  about the different lifestyles of our owls, including the good time girl that has been recorded mating with an owl in Scotland, one down south and one on the European continent, leaving the fathers to bring them up!

Lu brings the stories of our owls to life with her amazing knowledge about these incredible birds.

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