Paul Presents | Hospital Radio Reading with Gerard Rocks.

* In Respect of the coronavirus restrictions this is a Telephone Interview*
Yes, it is Paul Presents 1st birthday!!!!!  We have now been broadcasting Paul presents for a year!
Paul’s broadcasting life started with Hospital Radio Reading and so this week’s interview is with Mr. Gerard Rocks, the chairman of Hospital Radio Reading.
HRR is staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers and is on-air 24 hours a day, including live programmes every weekday evening. Amongst it’s presenter’s it has had well known presenters such as Robert Kenny (Breeze FM) and Allen Sinclair(South Today Presenter).
Especially, in today’s difficult times, it has continued to broadcast, providing comfort to those in hospital.

This show was 3rd in the global news chart, 4th in the global interview chart and 29th in the global world chart.

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