Paul Presents | Eight Bells with Kathryn Dundas

Kathryn joins Paul to discuss her journey from journalism to working at Eight Bells in Newbury.

Eight Bells, Newbury

The aim of Eight Bells is to prevent and reduce social isolation throughout West Berkshire. They will encourage people of all ages to look after themselves, live independently and have a good quality of life. And they will support individual’s mental health and wellbeing. They also want to help communities to develop their own strength and resilience so that they can thrive. Eight Bells is a member-led organisation and there are great opportunities to get involved with the running of Eight Bells from cooking lunch to being part of the management board. They believe in empowering all members as this creates a great atmosphere within the centre; people feel part of a community. People aren’t told what to do here, rather they are involved in deciding how things are done.

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