J.Karst Journey in West Berkshire/ Recycling Mobile Phones

     ‘Welcome to the new edition of thisGuest Blog. I am a full-time working mum of 2 boys and a published novelist of ‘The Ninth Cross’ by my pen name J. Karst. I get involved in trying that little bit I can in saving the environment for the future generations.’

             The weather has been very good this week, sunshine filled me with hope. The garden started to bloom and a quick visual inspection on my hive confirmed that at least one colony is doing well. Bees were returning to the hive with legs filled with pollen. The other colony didn’t survive but each beekeeper does expect a colony loss over winter.

            At least I can swap the bee slayer label with my mentor because he lost 5 colonies this winter. It really can be tough hobby when you do your best of feeding them nutrients, vitamins and medicine to get them through winter.

            With recycling it’s been also a little slow going, though I have a fab announcement. Yep there is a new program I joined and that’s to recycle all brands of plastic mobile phone cases. This program also accepts some accessories but only of the Popsockets brand like their packaging and phone handles.

            I have also been successful with hawk like vision noting a renovation in my street and bagged load of metal from the skip for the metal recycling. That would be fabulous once we have taken it to the scrap yard and transferred yet more funds to Help for Heroes and Penny Brohn living with Cancer UK charity.

            As spring comes near, so does some form of normality. The NHS has been amazing in vaccinating the nation so soon we can uplift all the restrictions and return to our workplaces. When I mean normal, I mean the fact that in the office I won’t have little snags like realisation that I run out of a toilet paper. The lovely staff in our office refills the papers in a regular fashion and so I won’t have the need to shout at my husband to bring me a roll, then having my husband passing me a fresh roll, grumbling, ‘I am in a meeting and they all heard you’. Somehow, I feel a little bit more anxious of meeting his colleagues because I do remember shouting at my husband to get a move on because I made a good one and the smell is overpowering…

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