Gardening through the Seasons with Margaret Finch

It’s so great to feel the warmth of the Spring sunshine and hear the birds singing.
This sunshine has been an absolute joy for the chorus of Crocus this year as they emerge through the ground and open wide a host of bees 🐝 find their inviting 
Busy buzzing from flower to flower collecting as much pollen as they can . No wonder
we say as “busy as a bee “it’s mesmerising watching their intense gathering.

The year starts off with the species Crocus that start to appear from as early as February their dainty flowers come in a wide range of colours from white, cream, yellow,
almost orange and lilacs to flowers that are two toned.
These are extremely striking such as Chrysanthus Gypsy Girl creamy yellow with vivid deep bronze stripes and chrysanthus Prince Claus white with oval blotches edged white inside pale blue .
My favourite the Tommasinianus species flowering from February into March in charming shades of lilac and reddish mauve. The Tommasinianus Barr’s purple has an
exterior that’s silvery lilac and interior of amethyst violet and is very free flowering and once established starts to increase well often seen in large areas in all the well know places. After flowering melt away and rest until next year.
Then these are quickly followed by the regular larger flowering Crocus that also make
a striking effect in lawns .front of borders and great in containers. Crocus will grow in
most soils and undisturbed rapidly increase each corm can produce 3-5 flowers always buy the largest corn size available for a great success.
My favourite the rich dark purple “ Remembrance “
Now is the time to take a photo to remind yourself of where to fill in with more bulbs next Autumn planting time.
to increase your Crocus area and fantastic impact for the following Spring.

Enjoy the sunshine and wonderful Spring flowers
Margaret Finch

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