Gardening through the Seasons with Margaret Finch

As a Gardener there’s lots of Plants ,Bulbs and Seeds that I would like to spend my pennies on, but it’s money saving and very achieving to save some of my own seeds.
One of the best and reliable seeds to save and store are from the Bean family whether they are a recent variety or an old family favourite which makes saving your own so important to continue growing heritage varieties.
I let some of my Beans mature and completely dry on the vines before picking and finish ripening in the Greenhouse then shell the Beans, dry thoroughly until very hard and place in air tight jars or brown paper bags and label. One thing I have to get better at -as by next year’s sowing time however good your memory is lots of other things have happened and yes I can hear myself saying ‘ so there’s the label’
Immediate labelling is needed!!.
One of my fondest memories is planting Runner Bean seed with my Grandfather not only being introduced to Vegetable growing but now realise that as you get older the ground is most definitely farther away so there was obviously a cunning plan here with young help, but I still remember the lessons and the all-important trench that the Beans were planted on. So it’s time to think about digging your trench and filling it this Winter with grass cuttings, vegetable waste and other moisture retentive material.
 One very useful Bean that I’ve grown this year is the Barlotta Lingua Di Fuoco dual purpose Bean that can be used as a fresh green pod no need to string or  as a dried Bean has beautiful red striped pods when ripe and coloured seeds. Other successful seeds can be saved from Tomatoes, Peppers and Peas.

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