Gardening through the Seasons with Margaret Finch

Now November is here it’s the best time to plant an array of amazing Tulips. There is a
Tulip for everyone, with 15 divisions,150 species, 3,000 varieties a huge colour palette 
to choose from single striking colours incredible harmonies and contrasts.
So many interesting triumphant shapes from small and dainty tall and fluted double and frilly and fluffy Parrot Tulips with sumptuous colour combinations.

Although treated as Annuals, they need to be planted deeper, at least 8” inches, in well-drained soil with
a little grit to rest on and a sprinkle of bone meal. There’s no real benefit for digging up drying or discarding as some gardeners do at the end of flowering. I dead head in early summer and they will flower again.
There are the species perennial range with fascinating colours and mostly dwarf .
They need time to establish so plant in an area that is sunny and can be undisturbed. 
Mostly single headed but some with multi headed stems 

Now is a good time to plant your Tulips as they like to root in cold ground and less viral
and fungal diseases. Bulbs can be planted in borders or pots a lovely thing to do and it’s fun to assemble lasagne layered containers with early and late flowering varieties
adding Narcissus and crocus bulbs.
Wallflowers ,Pansies and Polyanthus make very good companion plants to Tulips flowering at the same time and lower so the Tulips are still on parade they always look as if they are standing to attention.
What is there not to like about Tulips giving us joy in our Gardens from March to May 
with so many different varieties.

A few interesting facts about Tulips

Originally from Central Asia making their way to Turkey in the 1560’s name from Turban
making their way to the Netherlands with the spice trail.

They are part of the Lily Family and flowers have perfect symmetrical petals.

Symbol of The Parkinson Disease Foundation 

Long lasting cut flower – the next popular flower to the Rose on Valentine’s Day and grow
another inch taller in water.

Tulip Mania spread through the Netherlands in the late 16 century with bulbs selling for
as much as a Amsterdam Canal House

Flowers meaning perfect and true love.

What is there not to love about Tulips, so we should ‘ tip toe through the Tulips ‘

Enjoy your Gardening 

Margaret Finch 


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