Gardening through the Seasons with Margaret Finch

Now that Christmas has arrived even most of us very keen Gardeners thoughts have
been focused in side our homes.
If you have been able to visit a Garden centre you may have been tempted in to buying 
one of the most popular of Christmas pot plants.
The very festive Poinsettia traditionally red it says Christmas without even saying so 
and the most popular but they are also available in cream, pink and pinky marbled 
They always cause a slight dilemma how do we best care for this festive temptation ?
My tip- select a strong looking plant with healthy green leaves and a good amount of unbruised red bracts which we think of as their flowers.
Protect from the cold as soon as you even leave the Garden centre.
They don’t like changes of temperatures or draughts this helps to stop leaf drop.
Water lightly with tepid water and enjoy there’s nothing more festive than a beautiful 
Poinsettia .
All of us Gardeners deserve a few days off over Christmas and I hope you all receive 
some wonderful Garden type gifts from Father Christmas. As you can see his reindeer are all ready for the big night ahead.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas, 
Margaret Finch

This Week’s Questions and Answers

1.For Ground Elder
I know how this is such a problem and total nuisance. The Romans used it as a Salad
crop I certainly don’t fancy eating it.

The best thing to do is continually dig it up. Yes burn it, Don’t put on compost heap.

Try to pick up very tiny little bit of white root .One little bit will grow again.

Although it’s really kind when friends give you Plants from their own Borders
Investigate the roots and take out any  unwanted weed-this is some times where
we inherit these things from.

Don’t give up you will slowly weaken the Ground Elder and eradicate 
Enjoy your Gardening.


  1. Winter Greenhouse 

    In the winter give your Greenhouse a good clean inside and wash the Glass in and out.
    Handy plants will still grow if there’s plenty of light through the Glass.

    In a Cold Greenhouse with no heat.

    Only over Winter Handy Plants that will be tolerant to Frost.

    Water less keep plants on the dry side

    There’s still plenty of jobs to achieve 

    It’s still O.K. to sow a few more Salad leaves cover when sown to help germination 

    The best time to sow Onion seed. Traditional on Boxing Day’ when us Gardening Folk
    want to escape the House in a good way.

    Sow Summer cutting Cabbage in January such as Savoy preludium.

    It’s not too late to sow some Aquadulce Claudia Broad  Beans for picking in May and June.

    There’s nowhere nicer when it’s raining than being in your Greenhouse.


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