Paul Presents- Bespoke Floristry & Making Christmas Wreaths with Lindsey Kitchin

Lindsey (Linz) started to train and learn as a florist in 2002, building her business into an accomplished wedding and events florist. Working throughout the year, relying on a combination of imported, as well as locally grown flowers and foliage to fulfil her varied portfolio of weddings and events -always with a desire to create abundant and textually inspired arrangements which more often than not, reflect the season in which they are made.

Linz also teaches and does workshops. Presently, she is doing Christmas Wreath Making Workshops, beautiful wreaths made a range of dry flowers and herbs such as sage, they look amazing, smell amazing and the design and textures are truly stunning.

During this interview Linz takes us through how she makes a Christmas Wreath, individual bespoke bouquets, flowers for all occasions and events and the workshops she hosts.

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