Zizzi, Newbury

Italian restaurant chain Zizzi  are opening  its Newbury eatery this Thursday.

At Zizzi they’re all about delicious Italian food with a twist to surprise and delight all tastes, because good food does more than fill you up, it brings people together.

Since first opening their doors and firing up otheir signature pizza ovens in Chiswick over 20 years ago they’ve opened over 130 restaurants across the UK & Ireland, each individually designed with touches unique to the local area and perfect for all occasions.

25 Market Place, Newbury, RG14 5AA

Their menu is bursting with exciting Zizzi dishes, from Rustica Pizzas and mouth-watering Pasta, to adventurous salads and indulgent desserts. They do things a bit differently. By doing it the Zizzi way, They always add a little twist to the classics to keep the Great Times rolling.


Carbonara, topped with a chorizo crumb to spice things up. Ingredients like vegan jackfruit, ‘Nduja sausage and wild boar meatballs (to name only a few), let your inner foodie to shine.

 Whether you’re a meat-lover, veggie, vegan or non-gluten, they have a dish for you.

Really tiny tummy? They offer a tiny tummy menu and of course a bambino menu

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