what do the Mixed cloud statistics mean?

Mixed cloud is a popular platform for internet community radios / podcasts to use and we use it for our podcasts. It was heavily  criticised for the validity of the listening figures, especially as they were needed  for funding or sponsorship, especially as many organisations offering funding or sponsorship were charities.

Since April 2019, working with the big sponsors such as The Lottery Fund, in a combined effort an algorithm was devised to stop people uploading who had:

1. Inflated listening figures by clicking on and off the upload.

2. Only had friends and family clicking on and off the upload.

They then concentrated on the following:

1. Engagement- what or how much people are listening to.

2. Community Appeal- where people were listening, if the areas changed and if figures increased.

From mid April 2019 they took figures from the IP address used by listeners to ascertain if any listeners were clicking on and off an upload to make an upload seem popular and discarded  these uploads for the next process. In mid- May 2019 Mixed Cloud, using the IP address of listeners, made it possible for one person to only listen to an upload twice and many peoples figures dropped dramatically, never to return!

Mixed Cloud  made it possible to be seen publicly, by anybody, if people have listened twice to one upload in a more open and honest way. They also monitored the length of time anyone listened to an upload, whether music tracks were being skipped or only small parts of an upload was being listened to. These tracks were then discarded in the next part of the process.

2. Community appeal – mixed cloud monitored different listeners coming and going from various areas- local or globally, showing it was not just the same family and friends listening each time, but that both the person uploading and the listeners were taking it seriously. They discarded any uploads not meeting this requirement in the next stage of the process.

3. Response- Mixed cloud then monitored if there was a regular increase in listening figures, meeting the above criteria. Those uploads not meeting that criteria were then discarded form the next stage.

Mixed Cloud then invited those members to become a select member(for free), to show you meet this criteria and you can then choose to have the purple banner displayed next to your upload, so people know you have met that criteria. It is your choice if you wish to do this or not, not everyone will have chosen to do this- however they would be able to present the figures and charts from Mix Cloud to show they had achieved this.

In the future, sponsors such as The Lottery can then easily see which uploads meet the criteria set back in mid April, before awarding any funding.

Anyone can build such statistics up from scratch to be considered once they have met the criteria.

Mixedcloud’s Global interview Charts then show how popular your upload is compared to other material uploaded at that time, if you have met the above criteria. 

We can certainly verify. with Paul presents that on meeting a year of matching that criteria, the sponsorship requests do come flooding in!

what do the Website Statistics mean?

Websites offer statistics, from  the footfall (visitors) to the site and that they also come from different areas and visit different pages, coming from a wide range of avenues such as Twitter, Face Book, Instagram and various search engines- which is the normal expected route. This then can provide a base of statistics to support applications for grants,  that are available and can open the doors for sponsorship, so can be important if you are the owner of the website. You can chose to display your visitors on your blog or page , so people can see how popular you are and that is most commonly the one displayed publicly on a website.

Lottery Funding

The main criteria for the future is the criteria mixed cloud and large charities used by introducing the select category and commitment to passing on those true skills to new presenters.

A popular way to show commitment to passing on the skills reached by the select member, is by providing training courses for new presenters teaching them to understand the full use of the equipment, methods and methodology of interviewing skills, controlling the level of music, being prepared and knowing your music, content of interviews and preparing new presenters for a role on FM Radio and playing with the ‘big boys’.  

In the future, there will be many more courses a radio presenter needs to have done for them to be able to pass on those skills to new presenters.