what does the Mixed cloud statistics mean?.

Mixed cloud is a popular platform for internet community radios / podcasts to use and we use it for our podcasts. They also provide figures for us with how many people are listening and take into account people can listen to a programme twice only since mid -May 2019, by checking the IP address or computer address. They show us in the figures if someone has listened twice and it is also fully publicly available for anyone else to see in the history section of anyone’s mixed cloud  account. Mixed cloud will also tell you which social media or search engine listeners have used to reach you, what platform they have used and where in the world they have come from. It then takes into account the number of people listening, the length of time they listen to the programme and that the area people are listening from shows it is not from one area. Mixed cloud then sends out an invite to become a select member (for free), to show you have met their criteria and can then put a purple ‘select’ banner next to your upload. We were invited to join select, which we accepted. The global charts then show how popular the material you have uploaded is compared to other material uploaded at that time,  to show you the  popularity of what you are doing. Those in the select group can also have the opportunity to be sponsored financially by their regular listeners, since Mid -May 2019.  If you have a  high percentage of listeners on mixed cloud, meet their select criteria and are high in the global charts, you will be picked up on search engines by mixed cloud’s advertising or on mixed cloud itself, so all quite important figures if you are the owner of the uploaded material, but also of interest for those have been interviewed and for the listener to see what shows on mixed cloud are popular.

what do the Website Statistics mean?

Websites offer statistics, from  the footfall (visitors) to the site and that they also come from different areas and visit different pages, coming from a wide range of avenues such as Twitter, Face Book, Instagram and various search engines- which is the normal expected route. This then can provide a base of statistics to support applications for grants,  that are available and can open the doors for sponsorship, so can be important if you are the owner of the website. You can chose to display your visitors on your blog or page , so people can see how popular you are and that is most commonly the one displayed publicly on a website.

If I have been a guest on Paul Presents – what do the figures mean to me?

The listen figures next to the headphone icon is how many people have listened.  How high it goes in the Global Charts shows how popular that interview has been and that  the high majority of people have listened all the way through.