Since 2006 the family have been making award-winning Cider and Perry with full juice from Real fruit.

Being gluten free it’s also suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

Tutts Clump Cider is a family business that was set up in 2006 by Tim Wale.

Tim (who is an Agricultural/Motor Engineer by trade) was born in the hamlet of Tutts Clump, West Berkshire in 1957 and still lives there.

Tim is assisted by his wife and five daughters - two of whom are full time.

Cider making started as a hobby with production of some 25 litres. By 2013 they were using around 90 tonnes of home counties grown apples and crafting some 60,000 litres of Proper Cider which is increasing year on year (71,000 litres in 2019).

They do not filter, pasturise or carbonate their products and the only additives are sucralose and sulphites in small quantities.

They do everything in house and package in bottles, cans, bag in box, pouches, casks and kegs.

They are also SALSA approved.

What makes this Cider different is the large commercial mass produced Ciders on the supermarket shelves can typically contain 70% water! 

They are made in factories all through the year from a concentrate rather than fresh fruit. 

Well, it all starts in the spring when beautiful blossom appears on apple trees across the home counties. 

Our little bee friends get busy pollinating the blossom flowers, which in the Autumn (after some sunshine and showers) become wonderful crisp apples – ripe for making Proper Cider!

They use the traditional "shake n windfall" method to gather their crop before giving the apples a clean in good old fashioned West Berkshire water.

After selecting the best apples, they mill them into a delicious smelling apple pulp, ready for popping into their press.

The press squeezes down on the pulp and all of the wonderful fresh juice flows out. 

After checking the natural sugar content so we know what the final ABV will be, they pop the juice into air locked fermenting tanks where the natural yeast feeds on the natural sugar in the juice turning it into alcohol. 

The juice will ferment to perfection between three and twelve weeks depending on the ambient temperature.

Their proprietor Tim then crafts the perfect blend to ensure consistency and quality, before the Cider is sealed into large tanks to mature for a minimum of 12 months.

The wait is almost over now, the Cider is decanted and is either bottled, canned, popped into bag-in-box's, barrels or kegs, ready for customers to enjoy at home or down their local!

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