They are a non-profit arts centre created to spread the benefits of creativity, performance and lifelong learning in their community in Hampshire and Berkshire.

Visit the events page for details of upcoming concerts and workshops.

From Summer 2022 the arts centre will become the London College of Music‘s exam centre for the region.

The site is regularly updated with the latest news and information about the centre, as well as videos and photography from their performances and workshops.

You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook or visit their YouTube channel.

The Ship Inn Arts Centre is a non-profit organisation founded by Vanessa and Georgi in Spring 2022.

Their mission is to share knowledge, love and passion for the creative arts with everyone.


The venue emerged amid the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic when Ashford Hill’s historic Ship Inn pub was reborn as the Ship Inn Arts Centre and Country Hotel.


They want to share the beauty and inspiration of music art, crafts and wellbeing to stimulate and delight all who come through our door.

They hope to open eyes to new exciting possibilities in the world.

Mission Statement
  • They enhance the potential of human creativity by sharing skills and ideas.
  • They help our patrons nurture interests and talents, and provide an opportunity to take to the stage at one of our events.
  • They produce a variety of concerts and events during the year in the intimate setting of the Ship Inn Country Hotel.
  • They offer a home for the London College of Music’s Newbury Examination Centre.
  • They offer a venue for interesting and diffuse workshops.
  • They offer a tranquil setting for celebrating the important events in people’s lives.
  • They cater for the needs of the wider community.
Ship Inn Arts
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