The Retro Festival Newbury 2023 is on at Newbury Showground!

 Come as you are or dressed up.

Their fashion shows and stalls are sure to inspire you.

Fairgrounds, side shows, fabulous food and bars are sure to keep the fun going.

Live music, entertainment & dance spanning 40 years……

Your host will be Martin Fuggles, who was the DJ at the Ricky Tick, Windsor from 1965 to 1967 and he’ll be playing the very same records that he played all those years ago.


The Team have been around since 1982; their reputation for consistently outstanding live performance is the foundation of their success; their intimate relationship with soul music has had legendary artists perform with them; and their audience is drawn from so wide a spectrum of people as to make the demographic indefinable.


The Signatures the UK’s leading live Northern Soul Band. Originally formed in 2009 and recently evolving into the current 10 piece line up bringing their own brand of power and energy to what has been described as one of the best live acts around.


Sharon Sullivan is a professional dance teacher and a lifelong northern soul dancer who in 2008 painstakingly broke down the basic moves and steps so they can be taught to anyone who wants to learn.

She can build your confidence so that you can get up and dance, and express yourself through the fantastic music – a very special experience.


The Jive Acers

12th August 2023

other acts awaiting conformation

Stompin' Steve and Dawnie.

Friday 11th August 2023

Rockin’ Eddie, SplinterWood Radio

Saturday 12th August 2023

Stompin’ Steve

Sunday 13th August 2023


On the Friday, Saturday & Sunday evenings a selection of hot air balloons (weather permitting) will launch.

For over 35 years members of the 3-4-40 Region BBAC have been flying in the Newbury area.

The 3-4-40 Region is a local ballooning club, one of a number of UK organisations affiliated to the British Balloon and Airship Club (

The Region is named after the three motorways which pass through it and includes North Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire (east of Salisbury Plain) and Oxfordshire.

The Fox family have been touring and entertaining since the 1920’s.

With their vintage Indian Scouts and 20ft high vertical wall it is a show that needs to be seen to be believed! 

All those who see the show will remember it for the rest of their life.

The noise, the speed, the smell, the proximity of the bikes ridden to the top of the wall, barely 6 inches from the audience – an experience never to be forgotten!

Their vintage collection boasts some of the best retro vintage rides around.

This years Fun Fair has over 30 fantastically exciting rides for you to enjoy… YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!!

On the street or in the home, on showground, park or village green, Professor David Wilde entertains children and adults alike with traditional skills of Magic and the authentic Punch & Judy Show.

The Retro Festival

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