The Greek Table Restaurant is a new greek restaurant opening on the 5th May in Newbury at The Castle Inn in Donnington.

The Greek Table opened its doors in Newbury in May 2022.

It is the creation of George Zeus, a multi award winning chef and through this menu he expresses his love and passion for Greek and Cypriot cuisine.

Originally from Cyprus, George Zeus unfolds a new level of Greek cuisine and using only fresh and the finest ingredients they prepare everything themselves in their kitchen.

They source ingredients and most vegetables from Greece and Cyprus but also from local farmers for their meats whilst their fish and seafood are sourced from the Mediterranean.

They use the finest unfiltered Greek olive oil which is available to buy directly from the Greek Table and comes from their family-owned olive trees in Cyprus.

Please ask your server for the day’s specials or for George Zeus’ seasonal dish of the day.

The Greek Table Restaurant


The Greek Table Restaurant

The Castle Inn
Oxford Road
Donnington, Newbury

Contact us:
07470 880 712 |

The Greek Table Restaurant

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