The Greek Table, Bacon Arms, Newbury 2022

The Greek Table opens at its new location in Newbury.

Join them for a feast of authentic Greek cuisine prepared by chefs George “Zeus”, F. Adonis and J. Wilkins.

Spanakopita” – made fresh and baked today.
This is every Greek’s favourite: Fresh spinach and feta cheese with spring onions, leeks and oregano drizzled with olive oil and wrapped in a filo pastry. Finished with sesame seeds and baked in the oven.
Crispy and succulent filling with the ultimate combination of feta cheese and spinach! 😋
Gemista – a traditional Greek dish of tomatoes, peppers, courgette or aubergine stuffed with lamb mince, rice and vegetables.
Made fresh today – we make Gemista with 7 vegetables and rice only keeping it vegan/vegetarian
The Greek Table
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