For those not signed up to our weekly email you would not have known about all the behind the scenes activity that’s been excitedly chatted about over the next phase of Funghi world domination! (Well a small part of it!)
We are delighted to announce that thanks to all your support, as of Monday 1st November this is where TFC will be calling home (well - once it's fitted out and ready to trade). Over the next few weeks, you'll see the shop developing so if you happen to be wandering past and see us beavering away, do come in for a chat!
13 Hungerford High Street soon to be TFC Central!

Welcome to The Funghi Club. We offer a range of (mostly) French inspired dishes made with top quality, premium ingredients.

We started out in 2019 with a mushroom stall (hence the name) doing occasional food and artisan markets and selling our hot Funghi Bun.  Founder Laurent is crazy about all mushrooms from a meaty chanterelle to a Hen of the Wood

Whether it's a Birthday for 10 or a wedding for 60, TFC has just the right menu to suit all events.  We offer a range of menus that can be tailored to suit you so that you have exactly what you want. 

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