The Fox and Hounds at Caversham is a traditional pub serving Real Ales, Craft Beers and Local Ciders.

It is Cavershams craft beer destination.

Only independent beer is served there.

6 cask and 13 craft beer lines.

A lovely warm and welcoming bar (also one of the places John Lennon and Paul McCartney played as the Nerk Twins before forming The Beatles) with something for everyone!
Families welcome and there is  lots of outside space.
Dog friendly.
Please contact the venue or organiser for bookings, cancellations or further information on 07915 540 926

Everything they serve at The Fox is made fresh to order.

The Fox and Hounds,

51 Gosbrook Rd, Reading RG4 8BN, UK

07915 540 926

The Fox and Hounds

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