Bambi was originally a Smiths ice cream van from around 1965 and has since been fitted with a replacement cab, changing from a Bedford CA to a 1991 Ford Transit.

The last owner did an initial renovation but they have changed her a fair bit since 😀

Tearoom Bambi started as an idea in the Winter of 2021.

Angelica was a freelance translator and was an airwoman in the RAF before that, so it’s quite a career change but she’s always enjoyed baking and it was always a pleasure to make her friends and family smile with her creative bakes 

So she thought it would be even better if she could do that as a job!


is a self-taught mechanic, electrician and DIY expert (well, almost!)

so he looks after Bambi and is doing a very good job

Being brought up with Angelica's sweet treats he has the biggest sweet tooth in the country!

They serve delicious crepes using traditional French recipe.

As well as a Hong Kong egg waffle with fruit, ice cream/whipped cream, homemade sauce and their signature Bambi cookie.

They offer adorable Bambi cookies and Vegan/Gluten-free cookies with unique flavours including Earl Grey and a wide selection of cakes.

Of course, tea coffee and cold drinks are also on offer!


They cater for parties and events of any occasions, be it a wedding, a corporate event, a birthday party, a wake or even a puppy shower!

They can serve crepes/bubble waffles, cakes and cookies from Bambi and being a classic van, Bambi loves "Afternoon Tea" so she can turn up with beautiful vintage tea sets with homemade cakes, scones and sandwiches too! 

They could also provide grazing boxes and buffet food to cater for your requirement so please send them a message for a free quote 🙂

Tearoom Bambi


Tearoom Bambi

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