Tadley Honey Bees


Honey & Rose started up in West Berkshire in 2016. It is a small, organically grown business that prides itself on natural but affordable skincare that can be tailor made to suit your individual preferences. 

Honey & Rose has developed (with the help of a chartered chemist) a range of affordable skincare products that are 100% natural. Using products is like being at a Spa. They hand make every product (no conveyor belts in their workshop) and as a result, they can tailor make your skincare range to suit your needs. So if you have a sensitivity to an ingredient-they can make you your own batch and omit that particular ingredient. 

Honey & Rose products are suitable for all skin types and for those who love natural skincare.

Sue Armstrong-Follows is the owner of Honey&Rose and has 28 years+ of nursing experience with a particular interest in Dermatology and alternative therapies.

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