They welcome you to SUSHIZEN, a fine dining Japanese restaurant located in the vibrant city of Newbury.

Sushizen will take you on a culinary journey to experience and ignite your senses through the aromas, presentation and flavour of Japanese cuisine and allowing guest to experience authentic glimpse in to this inspiring culture.

They are committed to freshness, good food quality and excellent service.

Their professional highly experienced and skilled chefs serves you the best quality Japanese traditional dishes with passion and ensures every delicacy cooked is served with precision.

In Sushizen richness is lived through the purity of ingredients and the combination of extra ordinary flavours to create a unique and exciting dining experience.

They offers artisan Japanese wines and beers carefully chosen to pairs perfectly with sushi, sashimi and hot dishes.

The distinctive interiors of traditional Japanese mural art with soft Japanese music will grant a great ambience to the feast....

Includes a vegetarian and vegan menu

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