Stanford Dingley

Stanford Dingley and its surrounding meadows and woodland are what escaping to the countryside is all about. An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, you can celebrate the seasons and there’s half a chance you’ll bump into a dog-walking Cambridge or Middleton. This moderate four-mile stomp is a two-hour belter with some steep sections, a couple of hills and some muddy, uneven ground, but there are a few shortcuts if you want to bail out early. A colourful walk to see the seasons change that’s particularly lovely in spring. tanford Dingley has 27 official Footpaths / Rights of Way  which the Stanford Dingley Parish Council are responsible for and for liaising with the local councils, landowners and local volunteer groups to maintain them. These are marked on the Rights of Way Footpath map.

Coffee Stop

The Blackbird Cafe, in nearby Chapel Row, has an ethos about good, clean and easy food.  They make most of the food that is served in the cafe on site, to provide honest, good food. Their vegetables are delivered fresh each morning with fresh organic bread from Astons bakery in Lambourn.  They only use butter in their cakes and free range eggs from Beechwood farm. The coffee beans are hand roasted in London and are used within a fortnight of roasting. Whilst they pride ourselves on the finest cup of coffee, they are equally passionate about food. The morning bar is usually stocked with fresh croissants, raw date bars and protein egg and proscuitto bakes. They offer fruit and vegetable super juices packed full of healthy nutrients throughout the day. If you are after something a little more filling, try the fabulous greek yoghurt with their homemade marvellous maple  granola & honey.

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