This week will be a transition of lockdown rules changing – (for many this means a big change, for some it means very little), as well as going into December, usually the most hectic month of the year for most. So Slowing Down is a perfect topic!

Before covid-19, I would’ve asked, “When do you last remember doing nothing?” but this year has been a bit different! During lockdowns, most of us are forced to slow down in some way. What most people have realised this year is just how busy modern life is, whether it’s the change to slowing down or trying to juggle everything and not having a work / life balance. Overthinking is a huge problem of recent times as we are all so busy. I definitely struggle to process the day so when it comes to going to sleep, my brain gets stuck trying to process everything. My mental computer can’t run its night-time back-up because I have too many files open!

I know you may want to forget lockdown days, but one idea for the future is to try to block out days or weekends in your calendar, as though it is lockdown, to remember the slower pace of life. It may mean you give yourself a break, say no to things, catch up on sleep and get to spend that quality time with people.

We live in a world of multi-tasking, it’s very normal now to be working, talking and listening to something all at the same time. It’s also common to assume we’ve had a productive day if we work late and come home exhausted. The problem is that there will always be more things to do no matter how many jobs you do and how fast you do them. We clutch at the idea of higher efficiency because it helps to maintain the illusion that we can get everything done. But we have to learn to do what matters and tolerate leaving other things undone. Something has to give and that choice is yours: do you settle for an untidy house or not be the employee who always does overtime, so you can spend more time socialising with friends or reading with your children? (I definitely opt for the untidy house!)

Consciously making the decision is key, so you’re not then worrying or thinking about how messy your house is or doing that overtime. Many people get their sense of self-worth from their work but no one aged 90 will boast of always having an empty inbox in their working life.

So my tip is to slow down… like a sloth! How are you going to be more sloth? What can you slow down on? And an extra fascinating fact – the sloth is the slowest animal in the world – even slower than a snail!

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