Aldermaston Schools | West Berkshire Villages

Aldermaston Schools | West Berkshire Villages

The nearest primary schools to Aldermaston are most notably Aldermaston C of E Primary School.

Aldermaston C of E Primary School | West Berkshire Villages

Aldermaston CE Primary School is a mid-sized, semi-rural school based in the picturesque village of Aldermaston.  They have a modern, recently extended, building that meets the needs of our pupils, it’s single storey access and wide doors giving good access to all. It has spacious teaching areas for Reception (Early Years Foundation Stage 2) and years 1 to 6, a new kitchen, a remodelled library and art area and an extended staffroom as well as a generous outdoor area.

They are a church school, a status that they take seriously, and which impacts positively on an ethos which ensures that each individual is treated as special and important.  In keeping with that foundation, their  school provides an inclusive education for those of all faiths and backgrounds. Visitors to the school are struck by the positive, purposeful and happy atmosphere pervading the site, and also by the fantastic countryside setting incorporating an adventure playground, a garden where flowers and vegetables are grown by the children (and occasionally supplied to the kitchen!), a generously sized playground and sports field, and views across the Kennet Valley. It’s an environment where children thrive!

The school Vision (set by the Governors) supported by the School Aims (developed after consultation with pupils, parents and staff) focus on encouraging our pupils to be the best they can be in all aspects of their lives. The three themes of compassion, respect and striving for our best are central to achieving this – please use the link above to find out more! The day to day activity in school centres around learning and preparing children for further study and for life.

The school maintains very close links to the local community from toddler groups to the elderly, with a small army of volunteers, governors, the very active and effective parent-teacher association, parents and others who come in to help.  They also have historical ties to Aldermaston Manor with each child belonging to one of four houses:  Forster, Achard, Congreve and Keyser, named after former lords of the manor. The houses engage in friendly rivalry in a house point competition, sports events and are the basis for regular assemblies, led by the children for the children.

They also enjoy the services of ‘Playzone’ – our “Ofsted rated Outstanding” breakfast and after school club.  This organisation, which operates independently from the school but with whom they work very closely, provides a high standard of care and activities for children between 8am before school and until 6pm afterwards. 

To bring their vision, aims and activity together they have adopted the symbol of the pear tree that you have seen on our front page.  Just as a tree needs good soil, firm roots, a sturdy trunk and healthy branches and leaves if it is to bear fruit, their tree shows what they need for their children to flourish.

Aldermaston C of E Primary School

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