Recycling in West Berkshire with J. Karst / Full Steam Ahead

I am open, and as predicted, I am swimming in waste. Thankfully, people kept it rather than binning it. It will take me many hours to sort through it -but at least keep me out of mischief.

            Instead of gym, I lift boxes full of crisp or biscuit packaging and balancing it all on my back when trying to weight the volumes –  I only have simple human weight scales, so in order to get the right weight, I need to have it all on my back.

            So far, within 5 days of being open I have already managed to collect over 80KG of waste! I do hope that one day the amount will be going down, because the manufacturers have changed to sustainable packaging.

            Still, not everyone can be happy all the time. Same goes for my husband’s enthusiasm for my recycling ability and the amount collected.

I store the small metal items at the sidewalk to my back garden. Over lockdown people kept all the little metal bits and bobs for me. I had to result of skilfully piling up the metal items on top of each other until it can be taken to the scrap yard.  I even got donation of two huge tall lamps as well as full set of cutlery- that Uri Geller had had a go at! To top it up, I have enough foil to wrap everyone’s Christmas turkey this Christmas.

            Well, though I say that my piling ability was good, my husband would disagree. Last night when he came back from walking the dog the whole structure of bags of cans, foil, random metal objects fell onto him.  Not to mention that one of the lamps was spot on target and fell right on top of his head. I am not a popular wife now, but I am winning on ability to collect enough metal to make it worthwhile for the charities…

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