Recovery in Mind is on a mission to improve the lives of adults living in West Berkshire with mental health challenges by delivering free of charge, inspiring and empowering  courses.   We help people to take back control of their lives, find hope and to make the most of life’s opportunities whilst working out their own goals and aspirations and how to work towards them.  We believe that both people who have lived experience of mental health challenges and those who are professionally qualified in the field of mental health share the important role of course trainers.  In fact, our peer trainers are people who started out on their journey with Recovery in Mind as students.

Guest Blog | Recovery in Mind Creativity

The main point is that being creative whether that’s painting, drawing the act of doing something with the hands helps people to ‘get in the flow’.  This state of mind is scientifically proven to help improve a person’s mental health and wellbeing, reducing stress, anxiety and overall having a sense of achievement.

If you have been completely and utterly immersed in a task, oblivious to the outside world, focused only on your own progress and what’s going on right here and now, you have experienced the state of ‘Flow.’
Maybe you’ve been doing something you love like playing music or a sport, or crafting something, before realising that time has totally passed you by. “Oh! …is it lunchtime already?”

Flow is one of life’s highly enjoyable states of being, wrapping us entirely in the present, and helping us to be more creative, productive, and happy. 
We try to achieve this state in our Recovery in Mind courses, especially those with practical ‘hands on’ elements such as ‘Creativity,’  but also our gardening sessions at the allotment and mindful walking.  We also run a ‘Getting in the Flow’ course.

All of our courses are free and based in central Newbury


The Allotment

The strawberries are delicious and our first courgette and cucumbers are growing well and our spectacular flowers attract the bees.

Photography is Back

After 3 years our very popular workshop is back, led by photography and media guru, Alex. Putting #recovery back in full focus!


‘The ladies at Recovery in Mind are a friendly bunch and I love coming to Educafe’s community events.’

Being in nature and taking notice of what’s around us is one of the things we regularly cover with students at Recovery in Mind. Regular exercise, like walking can really improve your mood, self-esteem and helps you to sleep better.

Creativity and being ‘in the flow’ is great for improving your mental health as is connecting with people who ‘get you’.

All part of being a student at Recovery in Mind!

Our courses are free of charge and help adults living in West Berkshire overcome mental health and wellbeing challenges, you will have the opportunity to learn the skills and tools to self-manage your thoughts and feelings 

'Recovery in Mind is worth getting out of bed for.'

Start Date: Wednesday, 8 June 2022 @ 10am - 12:30pm

Subsequent Dates: Wed, 15 Jun | Wed, 22 Jun | Wed, 29 Jun | Wed, 6 Jul

Location Broadway House, Newbury

Please follow the link to register-

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