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John & Patsy started Young People and Children First, having fostered over 25 children themselves.  There was a family of three that came to live with them at the ages of 8, 9 and 9, and because of their unfortunate family situation, the government said they were to remain in care till they were adults which at that time was when they left school. So, in some cases that might have been 16 years of age. When the eldest was just 17, and not ready for independent living, he left their home and ended up living in various inappropriate places including hostels, where drugs and alcohol were rife. There were so many troubled young adults there and Pasty told John they had to do something about it. This is their amazing story, told by Tracy Underwood, their inspirational CEO.

Please join us for a fun Sunday morning walk/run on Greenham Common. Children and people of all ages are welcome to walk, jog or run a 3km route (can be walked in 35 mins). Dogs on leads are very welcome. There will be dinosours and giant teddies running alongside you!
Young People and Children First
Our first house was named Cornerstone for two reasons. Firstly, to symbolise that the house was intended as “the first of many” and secondly, ‘Stone’ is the surname of our founders Patsy and John, who spearheaded the charity.
Our Mission ​We support Foster Care Leavers as they transition from being teenagers to being independent adults. We ensure they have all the right building blocks in place to go confidently and positively into adult life so they can reach their potential, not hindered by their troubled start. Above all, we prevent disadvantaged children and young people being homeless.
Patsy, who founded the charity with her husband John, shares the heartfelt story of how the charity’s creation and the series of events that made us what we are today…
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