Paul Presents: Why Can’t All Plastics Be Recycled with Dr Peter Cox

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Paul Presents: Why Can’t All Plastics be Recycled with Dr. Peter Cox

Dr Peter Cox B.S.C.C. Eng D.I.C,C Eng, Mil Mech E, F.I.M has over 40 years’ experience in academic and industrial polymer processing(plastics). He is UKs expert on material selection and die design for multilayer tube production and also is an expert witness for the Patent Court in London. 
He currently provides expertise and consultancy on many aspects of polymer technology.
Peter first started working with plastics in the 1970’s and developed a multi- layer plastic jar to manufacture and distribute. For the last 30 years Peter has been involved in European projects for recycling plastics.
In this interview, Peter look at the history of recycling plastics, the current problems of recycling plastics, the benefits of National Policies for recycling, the responsibility for recycling plastics and the future of plastics recycling.

Listen to Dr. Peter Cox.

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