Paul Presents: The Spirit of the Mountains with Dave Newbould

With no imminent trip to North Wales for us, we are taking a virtual visit to the beautiful Snowdonia, with photographer Dave Newbould. Many people will be familiar with Dave’s iconic photograph “The Cantilever at Dawn”, which can be viewed at Origins Photography. High in the Welsh Mountains, the outline of a person on a silhouetted cantilever, with a deep red sky behind, it gives much for the viewer to feel and question.

Dave was introduced to the mountains by his father, at a very young age, his love of mountaineering took him to places that other people could not reach. In 1982 he came to live in Snowdonia, working in outdoor pursuits at a centre that specialised in working with people with learning difficulties- at a time there was little experience or knowledge in these areas, loving the opportunity of finding new challenging ways, to help each individual get more out of live. Anyone who is familiar with Snowdonia will be aware of the immense beauty of the mountains. As Dave’s life with outdoor pursuits came to an end, he started Origins Photography, feeling he would like to make a living out of photography, his faith becoming an inspiration to his work.

 The other photographs discussed in this interview are “ The Snowdon Horseshoe from Lynnau Mymbyr” which also be viewed at Origins Photography and “The Snowdon Railway Series”, also on Origins Photography. Some of Dave’s tips on photography can also be found at Origins Photography.

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