Paul Presents | Renaissant Restaurant with Dom Robinson

Renaissant is a restaurant by Dom Robinson on the site of the former Blackbird public house, opening on the 10th of September 2021.

On the site of the former Blackbird public house; Renaissant will serve classical French cuisine by Dom Robinson, in a comfortable, refined environment. Food menus will pay hommage to great chefs from the golden era of gastronomy & the  drinks selection will be thoughtful, interesting & passionately curated.

We welcome Dom on Paul Presents this week to talk about his journey through life. Dom’s family were always cooking, with Dom licking the bowls clean, it is where his love of cooking originated from realizing he was no good at sport, he did realize he was good at cooking and so a Michelin star awaited and was deservedly gained. 

Then the pandemic stuck and Dom reverted to selling take away fish and chips, curries eggs and toilet rolls. The community stood strongly behind him and he has made it through.

It was also a time to reflect about the changes he wanted to make to his life, himself as a person and the former Blackbird at Bagnor.  Struggling with his mental health and alcoholism, Dom has decided how he wants to go forward in his life and talks to us about his plans and how The Blackbird is now emerging as the born again Renaissant Restaurant.

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