Paul Presents: Bloodhound Education with Rob Bennett

BloodHound Education

This week we welcome Rob Bennett from Bloodhound Education- supersonic Education Activities- a registered charity, which provides exciting hands on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) activities, as well as resources for teachers and parents to support teaching in the classroom. It takes the excitement of real engineering into schools through engineering challenges, projects and workshops, using links to projects like Bloodhound Land Speed Record. Bloodhound brought the curriculum to life for over 2 million students, inspiring a generation and raising awareness of STEM careers- after all a land speed car with a rocket attached, the fastest, environmentally friendly race car ever built- what could be more expiring for young and old to engage with? With space workshops that help you design, build and launch your own rocket, whilst working as a team, an understanding of environment alongside trials on a desert racetrack and using 3-D printers – there is certainly a lot to enthuse over.

Keep up to date with all the latest information on the Bloodhound Education programme, including inspirational science and engineering activities, additional teacher resources and how to bring the excitement of Bloodhound and the World Land Speed Record to you!

•    Busy times at the new Bloodhound Education Centre
•    The Bloodhound Education Centre Opens its doors to school children
•    Mike Ford keeping busy 3D printing PPE during Covid 19 pandemic
•    Check out our new free home learning resources
•    Some great feedback from teachers using our resources
•    New Bloodhound Experience packages coming soon for hire
•    A big thank you to all our ambassadors during Volunteer Week 


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