A family-run Newbury Christmas Tree Farm.

They’re a choose-and-cut farm located in Berkshire’s glorious countryside.

Plus, they are Christmas wreath fanatics.

Types of tree

​Nordmann Fir – A firm favourite due to its impressive, glossy green foliage, and superb needle-holding ability.

This is the perfect family-friendly tree, ideal for indoors.


Norway Spruce – The traditional British Christmas tree with a classic pine fragrance.

Its short light-green foliage and broad spread give it a nice shape.

Its ability to withstand the cold makes it perfect for outdoor displays.

Fraser Fir – A uniformly pyramid-shaped tree with good needle-retention, a pleasant scent, and a lovely dark blue-green colour.
their handmade Christmas wreaths have been known to turn a head or two.
In fact, they’re so impressive that they attract their own visitors!
their talented wreath-makers, Judith, Celia, and Zoë, gather foliage, forage natural materials, and make each wreath by hand to create truly spectacular and sustainable Christmas wreaths.
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