Former American florist/gardener marries British lad who owns a 300 acre farm in West Berkshire...and Marlston Farmgirl is born.

"It seems like everyone who grows and loves flowers has a vivid memory of planting or gardening with a grandmother from a very young age"

"From decorating movie sets to designing flowers in the Obama White House.

They know that growing anything, a garden, a business, a farm runs deep in their veins and they are never happier than in a field of flowers"

Marlston Farmgirl is committed to producing the most glorious, British grown, SEASONAL blooms.

Every month, week and day they will be showcasing the freshest and most interesting flowers, if it isn’t “in season”, you won’t find it from them!

They scour the world for rare and heritage seeds in order to bring you not only beautiful, but one of a kind flowers.

Their farm has been certified organic for the past fifteen years, they are committed to growing organically and in the most sustainable way possible.

The Farm Club

Join their Farm Club and explore designing with seasonal flowers. 

Each month you’ll have a tour of the flower farm to see what is growing and what is being harvested. 

You will then head back to the barn where you will learn how to incorporate the best of the season into floral design.

An array of gorgeous seasonal flowers will be available for you to create your very own bouquet to take home. 

The cost of the workshop includes all materials you will need to use on the day. 

Coffee, tea and cake included

The workshop takes place between 10am-1230pm at Marlston, RG18 9UU on the following dates:

Monday 20 March 2023

Monday 24 April 2023

Monday 22 May 2023

Monday 19 June 2023

Monday 17 July 2023

Monday 11 September 2023

Please note that workshops at Marlston Farmgirl will take place outside, under cover or in a barn. Please wear clothes suitable for the weather (layers, waterproof clothes) and bring shoes / boots that are designed for the outdoors.

Dahlia Workshops

Go to the farm to learn the entire process of starting your own dahlia patch.

Tablescaping Workshop

Experience the joys of arranging and table styling with the best seasonal flowers. 

Marlston Farmgirl


Marlston Farmgirl

Marlston, RG18 9UU

Dahlia Workshop
Art and Craft Workshops
Marlston, RG18 9UU

Dahlia Workshop

Dahlia Workshop | Come to the farm to learn the entire process of starting your own dahlia patch.

Marlston, Nr Hermitage RG18 9UU

Farm Club

Farm Club | Explore designing with seasonal flowers.

Marston Farmgirl

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