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The MADEbyTamalia Story…

In a world that is so frantic, so digitally connected, so often full of stress, we often find ourselves making little time to reconnect our minds with our body and soul. Sounds a little ‘out there’ I know, but actually it’s so important. Allowing yourself time to be creative has been scientifically proven to help with mental health and even medical conditions like dementia.

Being creative – gives you purpose. It allows you to express yourself in a non-conformist way. It opens your mind to new ideas. It connects people, whilst also allowing time for self-reflection.

To create a space where people could get together, connect and lose themselves in art and other forms of creative activities, was a life-long dream of Reading based artist Tamalia Reeves. Her motivation was driven by a life-long love of art, using art for mental health and her own personal experiences.

About Tamalia…

Since leaving University Tamalia had worked as an Illustrator, Designer and School Teacher – but felt she was never truly happy. She crammed as much art, crafting and DIY makes into her evenings and weekends but it never felt enough. Slowly as life started to get in the way, her passions started to be put aside for another day. After facing an incredibly difficult time in her life she turned to her art to help her find balance, calm and inspiration.

Freshly armed with the realisation that she wanted to live a more creative, mindful life and share her creative skills and knowledge with others, she decided to create MADEbyTamalia – A colourful, warm and welcoming art studio, where others could escape the rat race and indulge in some well deserved creative ’me time.’ And hence the dream started to come to life!

Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, her new business was forced to close so she spent time thinking of new ways to be able to connect and share art with her local community.

During the first COVID-19 lockdown Tamalia took part in a project funded by the National Lottery and Art Council UK delivering a series of videos connecting artists with the community. Her project, called ‘Mindful Mini Makes,’ specifically aimed to help children and isolated adults navigate the loneliness of the pandemic, by connecting them safely through the power of art. You can see the full project here.

After this project she and her Mum, Sue Reeves, who runs an online art gallery called Creative Locale, worked to build a community of artists with the aim of bringing creatives together to support each other, collaborate and share their creativity with the wider local community. This has now grown and so far they have a collective of 27 artists and 3 large-scale art events due to run later this year.

Alongside this, she has expanded the studio space and now has a set of whimsical and playful art studio and event spaces called Creativ.Spaces – open for public and private use. Each space has been curated with a collection of handmade, foraged, second-hand, upcycled and repurposed useful objects and eccentricities. Another passion of Tamalia’s.

Tamalia believes in a world where creativity and wellbeing go hand in hand. By facilitating interaction through creativity, she hopes to encourage purposeful activity, resilience, social inclusion, self-expression and personal and professional growth, so that creativity becomes not only part of daily life but also in the workplace.

MADEbyTamalia is very much a creative space but that doesn’t mean it just for ‘creative’ types. It is about bringing community together. About reconnecting with people, whilst doing something holistic that’s beneficial to your wellbeing, as well as helping you learn a new skill.

Why not see for yourself…come and let your mind wander, experiment and unleash your inner artist over friendly conversation in one of our creative workshops.

Our values…

We are driven by 8 core values that underpin everything we do. They are about working with:







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