The bees live and work in Oxfordshire where they forage on a variety of wildflowers, herbs & fruit trees.

Mother nature adds a healthy habitat and some good weather, and the bees do all the rest!

Their primary product is pure, raw honey. 

To raise bees successfully and to produce some of the finest honey requires a fondness for and, dedication to these amazing little creatures. 

It's become their way of life.

Their primary product is pure, raw honey.

This means that they do not fine filter in order that all the natural qualities and benefits of their honey are retained. 

The type of honey they sell depends on the weather conditions and season for the given year. 

Every year can bring different tastes due to what is blooming, since each year rain, sun, moisture, etc. all play a vital role in what plants are growing and providing nectar to the bees.

Thus, their honey reflects a unique time of season in the specific place in which they live.

They provide their bees with an enormous variety of plants that are ecologically managed, from which the bees forage

Their bees originate from the UK.

All their queens are descendants from the original buckfast bee they started out with.

Subsequent breeding has been made with local males within the vicinity of their apiary. 

Their bees have access to beautiful Oxfordshire countryside.

The farm is managed by Matt who is a keen wildlife advocate, he demonstrates this by using more traditional farming methods that have a low harm impact on the animals and birds that share the space.

Hedgrows grow and wildflowers are aplenty in the pasture. 

The decision to begin keeping bees began after a lifelong interest and fascination in the lives of bees. 

The girls have become a fond extension of their family, they are marvellous little creatures. 

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