Lebanese House

Lebanese food is one of the freshest and most delicious on the planet.

With its huge variety of vegetable dishes, fresh fish and salad, not to mention a love of olive oil, it's no wonder Lebanese cuisine is regarded as so healthy.

At Lebanese House Newbury they guarantee you the finest quality of food and service.

They focus on the authenticity of Lebanese cuisine and they are committed to serving only the finest.

They aim to convey their passion for Lebanese cuisine, through a quest for perfect ingredients and techniques.

Your dining experience will be on their carefully prepared Middle Eastern specialties, all in a peaceful, relaxed, yet elegant environment.

They invite you to enjoy and share a traditional Lebanese food at “Newbury’s Finest Restaurant” – Their promise, they are your go to place to eat, drink & relax…

01635 552 644



Their signature dishes cultivate and preserve Lebanese traditions while embracing their desire to present you with new experiences and surprises.

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